Our basic value

We encourage your organisation to build consistency between your corporate values and those of your employees, thereby encompassing your social responsibility.

This allows you to target your organisation’s resources, ensuring effective and self-determined changes.


Our approach

We work closely with organisations, guiding companies, teams and individuals through an effective transition.
From the outset, we take great care to understand your needs. Our initial meeting will give us the opportunity :

For you to get to know us personally

To conduct a thorough analysis of all your requirements

For us to propose appropriate facilitation

We seek to understand your situation, in all its complexity, by listening attentively to your requirements and asking pertinent questions, based on our experience and expertise in our theoretical models.

Collaborating with you to set specific work objectives, we will propose a working strategy and define respective roles and an action plan together.

We thoroughly believe that the commitment of everyone involved is crucial for change. By living through the experience, everyone learns to create and implement their own sustainable solutions.

Our principles

We are committed to partner individuals, teams and organisations wishing to overcome resistance, to recognise their human potential and to provide the means to develop that potential.

We offer organisations integrated services and guarantee a key account manager who oversees the overall process with stakeholders. Humans are our utmost concern, that’s what motivates us to combine scientific precision with creative richness. We are actively developing our knowledge, our methods and research in corporate social psychology.

We are proud of the added value offered by a network of independent and complementary partners, incorporating underpinning values.